Enrolment Procedure (Waiting List)

Mirambeena Children’s Centre offers child care and a kindy program for working, studying or stay at home parents. We recommend that parents book their children in as early as possible, (even prior to birth for the babies’ room), to ensure a guaranteed placement.  

Because Mirambeena offers quality child care, we often have maximum enrolments, with limited, if any, vacancies. When this is the case, for prospective children, it is necessary to go on our waiting list by completing the Application for Enrolment - Waiting List Form.  

There is an accompanying booking fee which we request is paid electronically, details on Statement of Fees, using your surname as the reference please. Once families complete the Application for Enrolment - Waiting List Form, this can either be emailed, faxed, mailed via post or completed electronically. Mirambeena will then issue a receipt in acknowledgment.

The centre will notify you when there is a placement available for your child. We hope the wait isn’t too long for you. Although the form asks for an indication of the days you are requiring, we understand that circumstances can change over a period of time. If your child is next on our waiting list we will contact you regardless of the days you indicated at the time of completion.

If the days or starting date is unsuitable for you at the time of offer, please be assured your child will not go to the end of the list. If you accept the placement offer we will ask you to bring your child for a short visit to the centre a few times prior to starting, to ensure the transition to our centre is as stress free for your child as possible.

Upon receiving confirmation of acceptance, we will require a fully refunded security bond of $100, please refer to Statement of Fees. This payment secures the placement of your child. You will then receive an enrolment package either by mail, or visiting the centre which contains the Letter of Offer, the Parent Handbook, along with other forms that require parental consent.

Before your child starts attending  Mirambeena, we would like all the necessary documentation to be completed in addition to copies of his/her birth certificate and immunization record.

We look forward to answering any queries you may have and hopefully welcoming you and your child to the Mirambeena community.