Police Visit

On Thursday 30 July we had a surprise visit from Michael, our lovely teacher Kathy's husband who is a police officer.  Michael came in the police vehicle and was able to show the children the flashing lights and that noisy siren!  At which the children promptly covered their ears!!  Kathy explained to the children that Michael is like other dads in that he doesn't wear his work clothes to bed!!  But sometimes the police car is parked at their house.  The children were able to climb inside the vehicle and even said 'hello' on the 2-way. 

Michael also showed us how the police obtain fingerprints.  Some of the children were able to see theirs on the side of the vehicle once they were dusted with the 'special dust'.  Michael then said he needed to find some water to remove them before heading back to his workplace.  Thanks Michael.

USQ Vice Chancellor's Visit to Mirambeena

To cap off a busy week, we were privileged to have had a visit from the USQ's Vice Chancellor, Professor Jan Thomas.  Jan had a quick tour our child care and kindy centre, introduced to our lovely staff and even managed to get in a story (not 1 but 2!) read to a small group of children.  Thank you Jan as we know what a busy life you lead in your very demanding role.  We hope you will be able to call in another time.

Hello Africa

'Hello Africa' paid us their yearly visit and as always, it was a great musical and dance experience.  The children were also told about the ways of life in Africa and how the shopping was carried in baskets on heads!!  The children participated on all the drums and other interesting percussion instruments that were available and what a great sound they all made.  Even the babies and toddlers joined in.  Lots of movement, clapping, singing, dancing and smiles all round smiley


Big Truck Visit on Thursday 15 August

Charlie B's dad, Mark, brought in his big truck to show the children. Many of them enjoyed climbing into the cabin and checking out how loud the horn was! They were surprised to find a bed in there too!!  Some of the boys stood beside the huge wheels, which were as tall as the boys. Thank you Mark :)