Happy 18th Birthday Brittany!!!

Our beautiful Brittany from the Gumnuts' Room is turning 18 on Tuesday 3 June. 

Brittany will be on annual leave for her birthday so we all joined in a lovely celebration on Wednesday, with the children from Mirambeena singing Brittany "Happy Birthday".  Yan made a wonderful birthday cake for Brittany that all of the staff and children could share together.

Wishing Brittany a very Happy 18th Birthday and a fantastic and safe holiday.....                 See you again really soon smiley



Family Week in the Butterflies' Room

Thankyou to all for your time and effort this week. The children have many memories to discuss in coming weeks.

Anyone who was unable to make it and has some time up their sleeve, please drop in smiley

Butterflies' Learning Experience Thursday 1 May

The Butterflies' Room had a lot of fun building, painting and playing while learning as they go smiley