Korean Students Visit

The 2 kindy rooms recently had visits on 2 consecutive Fridays (23rd and 30th January) from a group of Korean students who are in Toowoomba for approximately 3 weeks. The students are studying at Ulsan College in South Korea where they will major in English.

They came to Toowoomba to undertake an English language and Culture program at USQ. Their home town Ulsan (well with a population of over 1.1 million it is hardly a town), is located in the south-east of the country and is the industrial powerhouse of South Korea-actually it is the home of the world’s largest automobile assembly plant operated by the Hyundai motor company.

Anyway, this group of students spent an hour engaging with our kindy children, reading stories and showing them the art of paper folding, origami. The children were particularly fascinated with the origami creations; one minute a flat sheet and voila within minutes a beautiful 3D piece. They also saw on our world map and our globe where South Korea is positioned in relation to Australia.

This is one of the experiences we offer our children-developing partnerships within our community where children can also gain further understandings of the world around them.


Apple Slinky with the Butterflies Friday 28th February

Earlier this week Zai brought along her apple slinky. Many of the children had not witnessed what this little treasure can do. It certainly fascinated them. The children were comparing healthy foods such as the apples to unhealthy choices such as lollipops. Lots of discussions about healthy eating resulted.

So today, Zai brought the apple slinky along again but this time she had an apple for each of the children to put through the slinky themselves and then complete the activity by eating the apple plus the string of curly peel.

Not only was healthy eating discussed, but lots of maths concepts came into the activity. Comparisons of lengths of apple peel curls were made between the children, along with all the munching and crunching. Some children decided they liked to eat the peel separately whilst others said they preferred to eat it on the apple, some made the suggestion that it tasted different off the apple than attached.


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Drumming with the Kookaburras Friday 28th February

We are fortunate to have a great supply of musical percussion instruments, even 5 large African djembe drums.

One of the Kookaburras’ children particularly loves these drums. The music session today saw the instruments brought out with Barbie on her own djembe, Kabari dancing, Kathy on the bells and the rest of the children all playing their own instrument to the beat of the music. What a magnificent sound, lots of movement, lots of laughter, smiles and NOISE!

A lot of fun!


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