Teddy Bears' Picnic Thursday 23 October


On Thursday 23rd October we invited teddy bears to Mirambeena. What a gathering there was. Teddies of all shapes and sizes, all colours and all very much loved. Even the staff brought theirs!!


Lyn's Adventure on the High Seas

"Recently I spent 10 days out on the High Seas on a majestic Square Rigger Tall Ship, sailing from Melbourne to Hobart as a crew member. Whilst not one for climbing the mast, I did participate in the watch duties working 4 hours on and 8 off. Having to get out of bed to do the midnight to 4am shift though was a challenge, especially with that sea sickness feeling crossing Bass Strait!!! Keeping lookout, being on the helm to ensure the ship was steering in the right direction and pulling on ropes to raise or lower the sails was all part of the adventure. The cold, wet and windy weather made it a challenge to rug up when on duty but there were ropes to hold onto when on deck.

We sailed down the west coast of Tasmania and with little wind blowing at times and sails on show, it was wonderful coasting in and out of some of the wilderness bays and inlets on the spectacular coastline. Dolphins, seals and whales were all swimming with us too!!

The sail into Hobart’s was an exhilarating experience. So many spectators to welcome us into the harbour; some in their boats, others manning the shores, even families dressed as pirates and one particular gentleman played his pan flute aboard his little sailing boat to celebrate our arrival. Our ship, Europa was one of about 7 tall ships on this journey and what an amazing experience it was."

Lyn, Director


Here is the Europa sailing in to Hobart. I am there on deck somewhere!!!