Some Possum Magic is happening here!!

Mem Fox eat your heart out!  We have some possum magic happening here in the Gumnuts' room.  A ball of fluff is.....yes.....a.....POSSUM!!  Very much sound asleep in one of the babies' swings!  From all accounts it enjoyed a slide down the indoor slippery slide, before leaving its calling card and then curled up for a nap in the swing!  Now having a possum asleep, not in the Possums' room but the Gumnuts' room doesn't happen every day :)  Shhhhhh!!!

Vacation Care

Mirambeena again offered the vacation care short term program to school aged children during the recent Decmber/January school holidays.

As well as joining in the day to day program, these children also were able to participate in additional activities primarily planned for them.  Activities such as:

  • Pottery on the pottery wheel
  • Bringing bikes from home
  • Henna and face painting
  • Creative activities such as marbling, marble painting, scratch art, making alfoil jewellery, stained glass windows
  • Making a rope balancing course
  • Dancing to 'Frozen'
  • Listening to CDs from the Listening Post
  • Tie-dyeing white T shirts
  • Running under the sprinkler to keep cool
  • Dyeing fabric from flowers in the garden